The ladies wing of PENSA-KNUST is the amalgamation of all ladies in PENSA. We are referred to as ‘Pearls’ because the most ideal lady, the Proverbs 31 lady in all her numerous virtues is equated to a ‘Pearl’; the ever expensive and treasured jewel that has ever existed.

The wing seeks to bring together all ladies of PENSA to enhance fellowship and to build up modest and decent professional management as virtuous ladies, wives and mothers. The totality of life can obviously not be whole without fervent spirituality hence the wing exists to inculcate the fear of God into ladies through prayer and the word of God.

In fact we believe a real lady of virtue is one who skillfully combines the roles of Martha (domestic role) and Mary (spiritual role) to ensure a sound and a balanced professional and family living. We meet three times in a semester which includes a week long programme and two Saturday meetings.

Our programmes give the platform to explore who ladies are in the mirror of God and how to exploit this awareness to our credit to rebrand ourselves, the church and society with goodness. Closely associated with us are our faithful gentlemen who in their bid to dwell with us according to knowledge always come to support us during our programmes.

We urge all Precious Pearls to give themselves to this noble cause since God rewards diligence. Best wishes to us all.

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 Whatsapp: 0501426354
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